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Education and Sports Department is mandated to coordinate education and sports services in the district through the provision of primary and s

econdary education which are offered by government-aided and community institutions at all levels in the district.


There are 24 primary schools in the district, 20 of which are government aided and 4 community owned.  There are also 297 teachers out of whom 83 are female and 214 are male.  

5 of the 83 female teachers are head teachers.

The district has only 1 Catholic founded Secondary School, which is government aided with a total student enrollment of 1593 of whom 633 are girls while 960 are boys. The teacher

enrollment in the school stands at 54 of whom 43 are male and 11 females.

Of the total teacher population, only 34 are on government payroll. The rest of the 20 teachers are supported under PTA and BOG arrangement.

Kapedo Seed Secondary School is under construction in Kapedo Town Council, Karenga Dodoth west County, Karenga District. Construction works are expected to be completed in June 2024.

It shall be the second secondary school in the district.

The table below gives a summary of education status in the district.

Primary Education



No. of parishes in the district



No. of Government aided primary schools



On construction process



% performance






Secondary Education



No. of sub counties



No. of Seed Secondary Schools


Under construction

% performance


On progress

Technical schools



No. of constituencies



No. of technical schools


President pledged and since 2018 nothing done

Impact created