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Internal Audit

Departmental Mandate.

The mandate of internal audit is derived from the Public Finance Management Act, 2015 Section 48, the Local Governments Act Cap 243 Section 90(2), Regulation 12(e) of the Local Governments Financial and Accounting Regulations 2007, and detailed in the Local Governments Internal Audit Manual 2007 that is to say to offer an “independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations”. They include the following,

Community Based Services

Community-Based Services is the lead department of the Social Development Sector (SDS) in the district.

Departmental Mandate.

1. Community mobilization.

2. Social protection.

3. Labour, employment, and industrial relations.

4. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

5. Institutional capacity development.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department comprises three sub-sectors, that is: Environment, Forestry, and Lands, all working together to achieve the mandates of the department which are:

1. Monitor and control the utilization of natural resources within the District.

2. Conduct environmental reporting and awareness sensitization on Natural resources values.

Roads & Engineering

The department is comprised of Roads, Buildings, and Mechanical Sub-Sectors.

Departmental Mandate.

Ensure a sustainable road network to support the development of Rural Infrastructure, Market Information, Social Service Delivery, and Standards of living in the Karenga district.


Education and Sports Department is mandated to coordinate education and sports services in the district through the provision of primary and secondary education which are offered by government-aided and community institutions at all levels in the district.

Production & Marketing

Departmental Mandate.

  • Transformation of Agriculture from Subsistence to Commercial Farming.
  • Production of globally competitive agricultural products for export.
  • Ensure national food and nutrition security and increased household income.

Statutory Bodies

The department is structured into the following:-

  1. District Council Administration Services
  2. LG Staff Recruitment Services (DSC)
  3. LG Land Management Services (DLB)
  4. LG Financial Accountability (LGPAC)
  5. LG Procurement Services (DCC)
  6. LG Political and executive oversight
  7. Standing Committee Services

Departmental Strategic Objectives.