Statutory Bodies

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The department is structured into the following:-

  1. District Council Administration Services
  2. LG Staff Recruitment Services (DSC)
  3. LG Land Management Services (DLB)
  4. LG Financial Accountability (LGPAC)
  5. LG Procurement Services (DCC)
  6. LG Political and executive oversight
  7. Standing Committee Services

Departmental Strategic Objectives.

  • To strengthen the capacity of the Sector to effectively and efficiently manage Council activities
  • To Acquire, Retain and Develop manpower in the District
  • To ensure improved service delivery in the district.
  • To ensure transparency and accountability of Government and donor funds in the District.
  • To promote economy and efficiency in procurement and disposal of public assets.
  • To monitor and supervise service delivery in the district.
  • To ensure that, public procurement is conducted in a fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory manner
  • To monitor the implementation of Government and Development Partners’ programs in the district.